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Subject: Rockbox Charging?
From: George Styles (
Date: 2003-07-16


I think I have been having problems with charging my JBR20 since I flashed

Well, actually its not the flashing, but the fact I now use Rockbox to
charge, not the original firmware.

I have JBR20, with 1800mah NIMH cells. I use a 9v regulated power supply to
charge it. I am using yesterdays build, built myself from CVS. I have the
battary capacity set to 1800mag, deep discharge off, trickle charge on.

When I used to use Archos firmware to charge it overnight, it lasted the
full 8 hours or so.

I never used Rockbox to charge it, as I had no need to.

Now since flashing, the Rockbox takes care of charging, but something is
going wrong.

When I unplug the charger in the morning, and start using it, the power
level quickly drops from 100% to 40% then down to 8%. At this point, it
becomes unusable.

The debug menu (great feature :) ) tells me that the battary is on 4.89v,
and that external is 0.37V with no charger attached. Also, it says charger:
absent, charging: yes which is wierd.

I guess I could use the f1+boot to boot archos to charge it, but it would be
nice if Rockbox could do it

Any ideas? any more info from debug menu rquired?



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