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Subject: The Rockbox Desktop Tool - a proposal
From: svante t (
Date: 2003-07-16

Hi all,
heres something I was dreaming up yesterday trying to sleep:

The Rockbox Desktop Tool

Which would be a software that you run on your computer, that would
make the Rockbox administration on your Archos portable easier... I
dont know how the thoughts go, but initially my guess is that
installing Rockbox would be a onetime thing, then you just use it

But I can see how its getting more and more complicated... and how
people maybe tend to not see how easy and swift rockbox is...

So I propose the making of a small desktop tool that connects with
your rockbox and does these things:

- tells you what version of rockbox you're running
- if theres an update available
- updates rockbox
- what language(s) you're running
- handling of configs
- handling of WPS-files
- what plugins you have installed
- right now I also see the need for a gui for descramble and uclpack,
but that is maybe just a passing state
- im sure there are tons of other problems that this software could solve

I can see how this tool potentially can explode into meaningsless
functions, and me too is a follower of the minimialistic, but I think
we all share some needs that can be automated. A solution would be to
make it work with plugins, like the Jukebox sync tool for PC; cant
remember its name right now.

OK, now its thrown out. Is it a stupid idea? I know I myself would
use it many times a day...
But we need to sort out the needs, its easy to think everyone share
our needs, but we're the geeks, updating daily...


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