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Subject: RE: new FAQ entry: digital I/O not working
From: Matthew P. OReilly (
Date: 2003-07-11

Sorry this is so late - I've been having trouble with email.

Are the SCMS settings hardware or software related? I know in the original
hardware, it had to be manually turned off, but since I did it before I
loaded Rockbox, I didn't know if it was a sticky setting in the hardware or

If this will be an issue with Rockbox, it might be a good idea to put the
SCMS info into the faq.

OTOH, since so many people use this resource for general Archos info,
perhaps putting it in anyway might be a good idea.


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From: []On
Behalf Of Mike Holden
Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2003 7:21 PM
Subject: RE: new FAQ entry: digital I/O not working

Andreas Stemmer said:
> I don't own a fm recorder, I only read the spec sheet on the archos site
> which clearly says: "Stereo Digital Line-In/Out"

That's a bug in the spec sheet - Archos have since admitted it, but have
not changed the docs on their site! It's digital in only, no out.

Mike Holden

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