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Subject: Re: Fwd:Jukebox Recorder stops working after 36 hours or so
From: Chris Holt (
Date: 2003-07-17

On Wed, 16 Jul 2003 15:41:26 -0400, TP Diffenbach wrote:
> Quoting Chris Holt <>:
>> --- Original Message --- Subject: [ARCHOS] Jukebox Recorder stops
>> working after 36 hours or so
>>> [Archos tech support] said that they don't support it being used
>>> 24/7
> What exactly is the MTBF of that Hitachi laptop drive anyway?
> Not sure that Id'd expect the unit to run for > 36 hours myself.
> --Tom

I'd expect them to run for years on a continuous basis, as they do in many
laptops (including mine).

The relevant point here though is that Archos cannot specify such
conditions after the fact. It's not abuse to run the thing continuously
and it's not their place to say how long someone can run it each day. If
not 24/7, then what? Are we only allowed 8 hours a day of use? Can we
save up hours and run it all weekend? :P

See how silly this all is?

I sincerely believe that this is a case for Rockbox to come to the rescue!


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