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Subject: RE: Flashing for FM released

RE: Flashing for FM released

From: Andreas Stemmer <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 11:03:40 +0200

Tom Sustins
> Can someone tell me how I flash the daily builds? Do I have
> to compile things? As I haven't a clue about that stuff?

Quoting idc-dragons great readme.txt:

6. How do I bring in a current / my personal build of Rockbox?
The second image is the working copy, the "rockbox_flash.rock" plugin
from this
package reprograms it. I suggest to place the plugin to where you keep
others, "/.rockbox/rocks/". The plugin needs to be consistant with the
plugin API version, otherwise it will detect mismatch and won't run.
It currently requires an exotic input, a UCL-compressed image, because
my internal format. UCL is a nice open-source compression library I
found and
use. The decompression is very fast and less than a page of C-code. The
efficiency is even better than Zip with maximum compression, cooks it
down to
about 58% of the original size. For details on UCL, see:
Linux users will have to download it from there and compile it, for
Win32 and
Cygwin I can do that, so the executables are in the package. The sample
from that download is called "uclpack". We'll use that to compress
"rockbox.bin" which is the result of the compilation. If flashing
becomes very
popular, this could be a part of the build process.
Don't flash any "old" builds which don't have the latest coldstart
ability I
brought into cvs these days. They won't boot. These instructions refer
builds from cvs state 2003-07-10 on.
Here are the steps:
- If you start from a .ajz file, you'll need to descramble it first into
"rockbox.bin", by using "descramble ajbrec.ajz rockbox.bin". IMPORTANT:
For an
FM, the command is different, use "descramble -fm ajbrec.ajz
Otherwise the image won't be functional.
- Compress the image using uclpack, algorithm 2e (the most efficient,
and the
only one supported by the bootloader), with maximum compression, by
"uclpack --2e --best rockbox.bin rockbox.ucl". You can make a batch file
this and the above step, if you like.
- Copy the resulting file to the root directory of your box.
- Start the "rockbox_flash.rock" plugin. It's a bit similar to the other
but I made it different to make the user aware. It tells you the flash
size and
the starting position (so you can calculate how much is left). After
F1 it will check the file, available size, etc. With F2 it's being
no need for warning this time. If it goes wrong, you'll still have the
permanent image.
- When done, you can restart the box and hopefully your new Rockbox

Andreas Stemmer
Received on 2003-07-17

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