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Subject: RE: Flash start up options - feature discussion? - was: Re: An other battery issue with flashed rockbox
From: Henri (
Date: 2003-07-17


My way : keeping it simple :)

In my opinion is : when the unit start with the charger already plugged
in (meaning the unit is turning ON because the charger has just been
plugged in) Rombox should enter in charging mode (disk is off, no
playback possible).

When charger gets disconnected, the unit should turn off by it self only
while in charging mode.

That's my idea about.

And then, no need for an other option to be added in the config menu. (I
don't use my in a car...)


> Jörg wrote:
> > Right now, Rockbox has no "charging only" startup, it
> always wants to
> > spin up the HD before doing anything useful. It guess we have to
> > change that soon, more and more people fall into that trap.
> Is there demand for user defined options for the connection of the
> power adaptor? I could think of these:
> #1 Options for "detect charger connected at startup"
> - start rockbox
> - resume play
> - charge battery
> - start recording (using the last selected source/quality settings)
> #2 Options for "charger disconnected"
> - do nothing
> - stop play and shut down
> - stop recording and shut down
> This would not only enable timer recordings thru an external
> timer device right away.
> The "stop play when charger disconnected"-option would help a
> lot, if you use the jukebox within the car (and want the
> jukebox to stop when you turn off the engine) or as a
> background music device permanently connected to an amplifier
> that switches the power for
> connected devices.
> What do you think?
> Martin
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