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Subject: Re: The Rockbox Desktop Tool - a proposal
From: Jeff Waltzer (
Date: 2003-07-17

Us folks who have modded our Archos's with wireless networking are waiting
with anticipation. :)

--- Bill Napier <> wrote:
> On Wed, 16 Jul 2003 16:04:43 +0200, mourad jaber <>
> said:
> > As it must be multi-platform, what's about starting a java project ?
> > The only thing is that I think rockbox will not be accessible
> > directly by usb because it's only recognized as an USB hd and
> > rockbox entered in passive mode when plugged on USB...
> How about a web application that runs on the Archos? We could port
> apache to run under RockBox, and add mod_perl to do all the
> configuration. We could then run IP over USB to access the
> webserver. I think it sounds like a good idea.
> tounge firmly in cheek
> b
> --
> sub u{return$_ unless/[a-z]/;$r=f(w(t($_)-$o));$o=t($_);$r};sub
> t{ord(shift)-
> $z};sub f{chr($z+@_[0])};sub w{$v=shift;return$v-26 if $v>=26;return
> 26+$v
> if$v<0;$v};$o=1;$z=0141;$q=\"kewp pcqjqul aevg
> nnpzdu\\nhhweiz\@ocdro.qeq\\n\";
> print join('',map(u,split//,$q));

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