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Subject: RE: Create UCL out of the bleeding edge build - me wrote a program ;)
From: Mike Holden (
Date: 2003-07-19

scott said:
> i agree with tim about renaming to ajbrec.ajz_.

Only trouble I can see with using ajbrec.ajz_ is that Rockbox can't ROLO
that file without renaming it first. We discussed this filename recently,
but it was only today when I tried to ROLO a file of this name that I
realised that Rockbox doesn't recognise the .ajz_ extension, so doesn't
"play" it. Maybe we should add .ajz_ as a recognised extension for

This simple patch to apps/tree.c adds support for ROLOing .ajz_ files, and
also pre-empts the same issue for Player by adding .mod_ extension. Tested
on FM Recorder, and compiles cleanly for Player.

--- /home/rockbox/develop/clean/apps/tree.c 2003-07-19
11:54:26.000000000 +0100
+++ tree.c 2003-07-19 20:22:06.000000000 +0100
@@ -301,9 +301,11 @@
             else if (!strcasecmp(&entry->d_name[len-4], ".fnt"))
                 dptr->attr |= TREE_ATTR_FONT;
- else if (!strcasecmp(&entry->d_name[len-4], ".ajz"))
+ else if (!strcasecmp(&entry->d_name[len-4], ".ajz") ||
+ !strcasecmp(&entry->d_name[len-5], ".ajz_"))
- else if (!strcasecmp(&entry->d_name[len-4], ".mod"))
+ else if (!strcasecmp(&entry->d_name[len-4], ".mod") ||
+ !strcasecmp(&entry->d_name[len-5], ".mod_"))
                 dptr->attr |= TREE_ATTR_MOD;
             else if (!strcasecmp(&entry->d_name[len-5], ".rock"))

Mike Holden

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