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Subject: RE: Create UCL out of the bleeding edge build - me wrote a program ;)
Date: 2003-07-20

> This simple patch to apps/tree.c adds support for ROLOing .ajz_ files, and
> also pre-empts the same issue for Player by adding .mod_ extension. Tested
> on FM Recorder, and compiles cleanly for Player.

Don't work too hard on that .ajz_ subject, I'm about to remove the auto-rolo
feature from rockbox. Then you can just leave the ajbrec.ajz in the root for
Archos, and Rockbox will ignore it.

This auto-rolo is pointless if the standard user can flash his Rockbox image
and the builds are cold-startable. It was just a transient thing, I don't
like flashed Rockbox to be just another loader. If you want a certain image to
start with powerup, then flash it. (The whole discussion is void if you can't
flash, because then Rockbox is not cold starting.)


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