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Subject: Re: Create UCL out of the bleeding edge build - me wrote a program ;)
From: anmelden (
Date: 2003-07-20

I don't know.
Each user might have different Drive letters assigned to its rockbox.
so a simple copy command won't do it...

scott wrote:

> i agree with tim about renaming to ajbrec.ajz_. while you're at it you could grab the current
> .rocks too, since they won't work with the wrong version. you could even unzip them into
> .rockbox/rocks for us.
> by the way, adding -fm to the bat file did fix my problem.
> -scott
> --- Tim Elliott <> wrote:
>>This program works great! Thanks
>>I found a good place on my hard drive for the program and ran it. It
>>created the .ucl file without any problem. I connected my Archos and
>>copied the file. Then I thought it would be easier to put the program
>>on my Archos hard drive so I could just plug, update, and unplug. The
>>only problem with this is leaving "ajbrec.ajz" on the hard drive.
>>Could you have the program rename it to "ajbrec.ajz_" so it's not auto
>>rolo'd by Rockbox?
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: [] On
>>Behalf Of anmelden
>>Sent: Saturday, July 19, 2003 10:48 AM
>>Subject: Create UCL out of the bleeding edge build - me wrote a program
>>I wrote a small program (171 KB) for Win32 that
>>- checks for a newest bleeding edge build
>>- if it's new, it gets downloaded (only then, so no worries about too
>>much traffic on the rockbox server)
>>- it is then converted to the ".ucl" format
>>Done with NSIS, wget, descramble.exe and uclpack.exe
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