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Subject: Re: Read only in USB mode [Feature Request]

Re: Read only in USB mode [Feature Request]

From: BlueChip <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 18:13:48 +0100

>Yes I give it an antivirus software but after all my executable files on
>the archos hd were infected and after i clean them !

I never use AV software to remove viruses, only to detect them.
Once I know what virus I have, I google for a specific cure for that
specific virus - maybe this is not necessary, but it is my way.

>That's why I was thinking about that....
>I think fat partition can be set as read only by updating bootsector of hd

there's an interesting thought - although I'm not sure I would want to keep
on editing the partition table - sods law says a write will go wrong at
some point. If it is possible to flag the partition as read only, the I
would favour it as an option labelled "AT YOUR OWN RISK" (or such).

I'll have a little surf and feed back anything I find...

>BlueChip wrote:
>>>I think about putting archo in read-only mode before plug it to usb, I
>>>think is it possible to lock partition so it's may be a new feature to
>>>prevent modifications on the archo hd...
>>>I don't know if it is well explain...
>>The JB USB/HDD interface is in a dedicated chip - the firmware/Rockbox
>>can only enable and disable it - after that it is all in hardware :(
>>You could patch the windows driver, but then you will need to install
>>your new driver onto your friends machine before you connect your
>>jukebox. As this would have to be done to every machine you come into
>>contact with and it would mean carrying an additional Floppy Disk/CD with
>>you everywhere, i guess it is not really a viable option :(
>>So. Sadly. You're kinda stuffed :(
>>Sorry for the not-so-good news, but at least you understand it all now :)
>>>I don't know if it possible, but I had some virus pb because I plugged
>>>my archo on a windows 2k infected with viruses ( I see it after :( ) and
>>>all executable achives on my archos ( i have some archive in backup )
>>>were infected by that virus....
>>>So I think to kill my freind but it's not solution ;-)....
>>There are thousands of very nasty viruses available for download. CIH is
>>especially effective if your friend has a surface mount BIOS.
>>Perhaps you might consider this option before hiring an assasin ;-)
>>Alternatively, you could introduce your friend to Anti-Virus
>>software. Personally I download and install Sophos(.com) once every
>>month or two and run a check (ever since I accidentally gave CIH to a
>>friend with a surface mount BIOS - D'OH!) <-- THIS IS NOT A JOKE! ;-)
>>I have no idea if Sophos is a "good choice" or not, but until someone
>>gives me some better advice works for me :)
>>...If he does not think that AV software is a good idea - explain how the
>>CIH virus works - Bwahahahaha
Received on 2003-07-21

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