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Subject: Re: Create UCL out of the bleeding edge build - me wrote a program ;)
From: Justin Heiner (
Date: 2003-07-21

You want to make sure that you use the most current cvs version of the rockbox_flash.rock though... it can change when new api features are added, etc.

I would keep that file in the main rocks folder. Since it only updates the rockbox section of the ROM, it isn't all that dangerous. The one you want to keep seperated is the initial program that flashes the ROM. That's the dangerous one.


---------- Original Message ----------
To: (
From: Johan Vromans (
Subject: Re: Create UCL out of the bleeding edge build - me wrote a program ;)
Date: 7/21/2003 1:21:08p

>scott <> writes:
>> there's a problem with unzipping the new .rocks (yes, i realize this
>> was my suggestion). i just ran your program on my FMR, and i can't
>> flash because rockbox_flash.rock is incompatable now.
>> maybe you could have it check to see if rockbox_flash.rock exists,
>> and if it does, move it to the root before unzipping the .rocks.
>To avoid version problems, I keep the flash rocks separate, so I
>always have the right versions available in case I need them. In
> /ajbrec.ajz_ the version used to flash
> /.rockbox/flashbox/*_flash.rock these are the rocks that belong to
> this version
> /rockbox.ucl current version firmware, flashed
> /.rockbox/rocks/*.rock these are the rocks for the current
> version
>So On+F1 will always boot a Rockbox for which I have the flash rocks
>-- Johan

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