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Subject: Re: plugins accessable from menu
From: scott (
Date: 2003-07-22

--- BlueChip <> wrote:
> This is a great idea - either solution.
> Whoever looks into this - why not add "Rockbox" to the main menu
> Rockbox
> +-- Plugins
> | +-- Games
> | +-- Demos
> | `-- Others
> +-- Choose Font
> | +-- Default
> | `-- dir *.fnt
> `-- Choose Language
> +-- Default
> `-- dir *.lang
> ...or similar?

i would rather have games, demos, and others in the root, the way they are now. font and language
would probably fit better in the general settings menu, along with .cfgs and .wpss.

on an unrelated topic, i don't understand why sound settings isn't in general settings. i rarely
need to change any of them (except for volume, but you can do that from the wps), so it seems like
something more useful should be first to show up on the menu. actually a lot of things on the menu
seem out of place, now that i look at it. maybe ill take some time to re-organize it into what i
think is logical.

it would really be nice if the whole menu was customizable, so that anyone could re-order so the
features they actually used would be easiest to access.


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