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From: Chris Holt (
Date: 2003-07-23

I looked at and they don't seem to have near the selection of

I think it would be possible to use TotalRecorder ( )
to very quickly convert the rights protected (ain't protecting my right to
enjoy it!) WMA files into MP3. I've used the combination to convert
audible books so I can play them on the Archos, and while Audible uses a
WMP plugin, I think it's the same sort of operation.

TotalRecorder is neat in that it wedges itself in as a sound driver and
can record directly from the software, fully digital and at many times
normal playback speed. It can record to PCM for multiple purpose files,
or encode MP3/OGG "on the fly" when the desired bitrate and sampling
frequency is known.

It costs a measly $12 and can be purchased online.


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