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Subject: gui overhaul

gui overhaul

From: scott <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 23:28:58 -0700 (PDT)

i saw 'version 2.2: gui overhaul' on the main site, and had the idea to start designing it.
someone on IRC (hardeep maybe) said something about reorganizeing the menu, so i did.

sorry about including non-existent features, but i couldn't help myself.

i havnt looked at the .rockbox browsing patch, but i assume its somthing like what i've added
here. i would prefer subdirs in .rockbox to dir *.xxx, but it could go either way.

the plugin folder, on the other hand, i definitely think should use subdirs, because how else can
you have categories without needed to hardcode everything?

speaking of new features, how about pressing F2/3 with an item from the list selected opens a
screen that says "press left, down, or right to set function, or f2/3 to cancel"

also it'd be nice to have a doc file in this same order that explains what everything is.

anyway, here's what i've done so far. capitalize to taste.

note: the majority of this was made after midnight with no spell checker. read at your own risk

feel free to tell me how bad it is ;-).


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working F1 menu/feature wish-list

remove references to radio on non-FM models, obviously. same for recorders and players.

just so there's no confusion:

colons are used to show menus and submenus, the indented part being what's in that menu.

items without colons show the actual option. if there isn't a comment, assume the options are the same what rockbox currently has.



 sound options:
  bass boost
 playback options:
  fade on stop/pause
  auto volume
  FW/RW min step
  FW/RW acel
 display options:
   start delay
   step size
   bidirection scroll %
   time-out time
   on when charging
  user interface
   scroll bar
   status bar
   invert LCD (on/off)
   line selector
   volume display
   battery display
   show icons
  peak meter:
   [all the same peak meter menus, alphabetized?]
 recording options:
  source (current options + radio)
  independant frams
 edit radio presets:
  [list of all presets] right/play gives options: remove, rename, move up, move down
 playlist options:
  follow playlist
  max playlist size
  create playlist of current dir
  recursively insert dirs
  save dyanimc playlist
 system settings:
  file types (show files)
  sort case sensitive
  anti-skip buffer
  disk spindown
  max files in dir browser
  battery capacity
   set date/time
   time format
   set idle poweroff
   set sleep timer
   set wake-up alarm
 write .cfg file
 reset to default:
load rockbox file: (all dirs should be sorted alphabetically)
 set font:
  [dir of .rockbox\fonts]
 select WPS file:
  [dir of .rockbox\wps]
 select CFG file:
  [dir of .rockbox\wps]
 select language:
  [dir of .rockbox\langs]
 view doc file:
  [dir of .rockbox\docs]
 select build to rolo:
  [dir of .rockbox\builds]
view ID3 info:
 [no change] (i heard there's a patch that makes this way better though)
 [recording screen]
FM radio:
 [radio screen]
 [dir of .rockbox\plugins\games]
 [dir of .rockbox\plugins\demos]
 [dir of .rockbox\plugins\apps]
 [no changes?]
 [same as version screen is now]
debug (keep out!):
 [sort alphabetically?]
Received on 2003-07-24

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