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Subject: Re: Problem loading Archos firmware, new Archos error screen
From: Mike Holden (
Date: 2003-07-24

TP Diffenbach said:
>>From my flashed FM, I tried to load the Archos FM firmware (1.30j).
> During ROLO, the harddrive audibly stopped (with a loud click-thump.)
> The Archos firmware load halted with its progress bar precisely half
> filled, and displayed the following (the bit in parentheses is my ASCII
> art for the progress bar):
> HD register error
> SC1 (85) 277
> SN1 (170) 0
> SC2 (170) 18
> SN2 (85) 211
> (------- )
> OS Version: 1.30j
> Holding down OFF for the five seconds required for hardware off got rid
> of the screen, and flash bootup went normally; when I again tried to
> ROLO the Archos firmware I got the same result again.
> My version (in flash) is 030721-0053, but this also happens for two
> older Rockbox versions, one a private build.
> Maybe it's just a bad archos firmware (??) but I really don't think so,
> as it's worked before. I'll make a point of fc /b'ing it to the mirrored
> copyt when I get home.
> Archos still boots as normally with ON+F1.

Happens for me also. I know that the archos firmware on there should work
normally, as I have used it before to boot to Archos. This is the first
time I have tried it since I flashed Rockbox.

Mike Holden

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