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Subject: Re: Archos warranty and Rockbox
From: Jean Boullier (
Date: 2003-07-25

OK, I see your point. But since I do not remember having read in the
manual that you may not use a third party firmware or that you must run
a firmware provided by Archos they would better prove that your firmware
is not running inside the specs of the product, if you return it for a
hardware failure. I am talking of the "normal" Rockbox modules here.
When you go as far as reflashing the chip that becomes more difficult to
argue, I agree.

The French text is even less restrictive since it mentions specifically
(in this area):
- damage caused by an incorrect or abusive usage: Rockbox uses the
hardware correctly and in a less demanding way, i.e. less disk usage for
a given file, more careful battery charging (for the JBR only).
- modified products: the product itself is not modified (unless reflashed).

Regarding Rockbox I sincerely think they can involve it only if the
user's claim addresses a usage problem (as opposed to hardware) and if
that problem no longer exists once they have erased Rockbox from the
root directory.

Cheers. Jean.

Jean Boullier - Rouen - Normandie - France

ajf wrote:

> > > Item 3 suggests that "defects" arising from the installation of third > party software will not be covered. If you return the unit to them > for warranty service, and they find third party software on it, they > can claim that the software caused the problem. > Jean Boullier writes: > >> ajf wrote: >> >>> You should also understand that the terms of the Archo warranty as >>> currently displayed on their website state that installation of any >>> unauthorized software voids the warranty. >> >> >> I could not find that in their "Warranty Information" neither under >> France nor under United States. Under which country have you found it? >> I could only find in the FAQ for JBRs that they do "not offer >> technical support on third party software" which seems reasonable, >> even without considering that they do not provide much on their >> software either... 8-) >> -- >> Jean Boullier - Rouen - Normandie - France >> >>

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