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Subject: Re: I dont think the flashing tool should be a plugin..
From: Jean Boullier (
Date: 2003-07-26

Personally I would strongly prefer that all the flashing material stay
away from the regular Rockbox modules. And it is not only because first
I do not need it and second I cannot use it in my current JBR. 8-)

I think that the flashing process is not part of the normal
functionality of the Jukeboxes, I mean it is not supposed to be used
outside upgrade times and weighing the normal module down with code
which is not normally necessary is adding unnecessary complexity.

Also for those who have flashable units but do not wish to do it
(carefulness, warranty, etc...) it is creating a potential risk to put
this function somewhere in the regular menus.

The way it is today, flashing is really a voluntary decision needing
downloading specific pieces and starting a specific plugin and I think
it is very well this way.


Jean Boullier - Rouen - Normandie - France

George Styles wrote:

> .. i think it should be built into the main firmware. The reason being >that its a PITA when you get incompatable version error. > >When I re-build the daily release, I like to put the .ucl find on the JB and >update all the .rocks. > >At the moment, I need to keep the old rockboxflash.rock somewhere else, for >the job of flashing. > >It would be much nicer if I could just flash from the firmware, with having >to worry about the version of the flasher I have > >This would reduce the 'upgrade procedure' from about 4 steps to 2 or so > >what do people think? i love the plugin system, but I think this should be a >built-in > >george >

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