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Subject: Re: I dont think the flashing tool should be a plugin.. disagree
From: George Styles (
Date: 2003-07-27

Wasnt expecting that :) just to be clear I did mean pain in the a*s* , not
kebab bread!

> [ ] flash update should be a plugin
> [x] flash update should be in the main firmware

I dont believe it can break a non-flashed jukebox, also, you still need to
make an explicit action to enable flash (copy .ucf file onto HD)

Also, it only flashes the second image, not the boot loader or anything

Im not sure I buy the argument about having 'dangerous' code in the rom -
you are assuming that any chunk of code can be run randomly - i assume that
the flash chip needs to be put into 'write' mode before anything can be
written. I very much doubt you can accedently flash something (My Palm has
a flash rom, and the ability to flash itself - ive never heard of a palm
wiping its rom!)

Still, im happy to go with the majority here (and of course, i have the GPL
power to implement it myself if I feel that strongly - more power to open


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