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Subject: Re: Windows images; bug fixes; othelo updates; new sdk;

Re: Windows images; bug fixes; othelo updates; new sdk;

From: BlueChip <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2003 19:28:33 +0100

I'm gonna stab a guess here and opt that the error "not a valid Windows
image" along with the title "Windows images" implies that you are likely
running Windows. I suppose I could be wrong, it has been known from

At present there is no official way to build the simulators - that is, the
official dev kit just plum don't work! The IRC logs will rumour a couple
of files DLLWRAP and DLLTEXT (if I recall correctly) that will fix the
problems. Please ignore this advice as it is, in all relevant respects,
wrong. You may also see the suggestion (in the IRC logs) that the Cygwin
FAQ explains how to install Cygwin without the horrific setup
utility. This may be true, but I'll be damned if I can find it anywhere.

Roland, fellow list member, has spent an amount of time producing a working
dev kit, but as very little interest has been shown, it has never been
finished (his words not mine.) Perhaps if we all show him a little
encouragement, he might finish it? I can vouch that the beta version works
just fine, but it really is a beta version in need of a bit more work
before public release. The new dev kit can be installed anywhere and this
can be done via Windows OR command line.

If you do get the compile to work, you will continue to encounter any
number of unresolved bugs.
For example, you will need to create the impossible directory
".rockbox/rocks" and this must be in the root directory of your C:
drive. Then every time you (re)compile a rock, you must copy if to the
special directory by hand (as this is not automated). I have patches to
fix these problems, but I cannot get an answer as to the best way to submit
them if anyone is interested:

snprintf(path, sizeof path, "%s", plugin);
snprintf(path, sizeof path, "c:/cygwin/home/rockbox/bcbox/s/archos%s", plugin);

...actually "c:/cygwin/home/rockbox/bcbox/s/" should be replaced with the
name of YOUR build directory you can make your ".rockbox/rocks" directory in the "archos"
directory which lives in your Build directory
...saves abusing your C: drive

after you have run ../tools/configure in your Build directory, edit the
makefile it generated and add:
[TAB]cp *.rock archos/.rockbox/rocks/
just below the line:
all: sim

Also while I'm here. There is a bug in Othelo which I have fixed...
This should replace the procedure by the same name
  * show player skill levels
static void show_players(void)
     static char scs[] = {
         of_plx, of_colon, of_h, of_dash, of_0, of_eos, /* 0 */
         of_plo, of_colon, of_h, of_dash, of_0, of_eos /* 6 */
     if (player[PLAYERX]==AIBOT)
         scs[2] = of_c;
         scs[2] = of_h;
     scs[4] = ai_help[PLAYERX] +of_0;

     if (player[PLAYERO]==AIBOT)
         scs[8] = of_c;
         scs[8] = of_h;
     scs[10] = ai_help[PLAYERO] +of_0;

     othprints( 2,58, &scs[0], true);
     othprints(40,58, &scs[6], true);

...I would have preferred to have reomved the "static" (whoch should also
fix the problem) but for some reason best known unto others this generates
a compile error which whinges about a call to memcpy the fix is just
a bodge job to get it working again.

Scott666, has mentioned that, in othelo, if a human is unable to go the
game fails to terminate.
Sorry scott, I just cannot repeat this error, when this happens next time,
turn on help-level-1 and see if maybe you have missed a valid move?

Also, the docs for othelo are now wrong. Since the advent of plugins it is
now possible to pause the game. Once a game is started, it must be
completed before you exit.
Pre-plugin technology, pressing ON would return you the menu temporarily
Post-plugin technology, pressin ON quites the game
...the solution is to write the globals out to a file if ON is pressed, but
this is all a little time-consuming in more ways than one maybe
another day.

Good Luck


>Simon Stevenson wrote:
>>Using the link to the win32 uisimulator on the daily builds page (I've
>>never managed to build my own simulator...), I'm trying to test plugins.
>>Even using rocks downloaded off the builds page I get an error message:
>>The application or DLL d:\rockbox\rocks\helloworld.rock is not a valid
>>Windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette.
>Which version of the rock files were you trying to run? The only ones
>that will will work are the ones that were specifically built for the
>win32 simulator. There is a link to them next to the simulator executable
>on the daily build page.
>If you were using the correct version of the rocks, what OS were you
>trying to run them on?
Received on 2003-07-28

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