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Subject: Re: What model and mask version for the badly charging units?
From: Stephen Ball (
Date: 2003-07-28

OK I'll run it down tonight and try in the morning

Do you want it completely from discharged and only near fully discharged?

I just tried charging it, removed the charger, it said 100%, reboot and
it now says 49%. Yet the Archos firmware (F1+Boot) says 100% and on the
rockbox charge screen it says 96%


Now I'm completely lost

TP Diffenbach wrote:

>Quoting Stephen Ball <>:
>>Battery: 4.15 V
>>External: 1.72 V
>>I doubt it is a hardware problem though, as I have had this FMR for 2
>>weeks (it was a replacement for a damaged FMR) and it works fine if I
>>reflash the original firmware and use the rockbox ajz file
>If you can, let me know what theexternal is the next time you are charging a mostly used up battery. (External of 1.72 means either you're almost fully charged, or that your FMR is different than mine -- as there is some evidence newer FMRs may be.)

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