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Subject: Re: Testers wanted: up to 50% greater battery life
From: Wayne Sherman (
Date: 2003-07-29

Could a similar strategy be applied to increasing battery life during



> The magic is pretty simple: the wps thread does more
> mork than we want. The first cut battery extension just
> suspends scolling (without destroying the scroll infomation
> already calculated) and blocks the wps thread by waiting for
> keyboard input, after the backlight timeout has elapsed.

> The second cut will restore scrolling and screen updates,
> but defer settings savings. I suspect settings saving is
> the real hog, as I have previously experimented with optimizing
> (for size, not speed) the settings. Basically, wps only changes
> two settings, volume and resume position, but calling
> save_settings causes /every/ setting to be written to config_block,
> which is several hundred lines of bit masking and the like. This
> can happen up to about once a second, and is mostly pointless.

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