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Subject: Re: FMR resume/bookmark bug
From: Neon John (
Date: 2003-07-30

Thanks. Looking forward to it.


On Tue, 29 Jul 2003 13:32:40 -0800, "Benjamin" <>

>I'm planning on doing a release in the next couple of days that will hopefully
>address your issue (assuming it's fixed in CVS).
>---------- Original Message -----------
>From: "Henrik Backe" <>
>Sent: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 22:50:51 +0200
>Subject: Re: FMR resume/bookmark bug
>> This is/was known problem with the flashed vesrion of rockbox.
>> It is solved in the daily builds so the next release of Ben's
>> bookmark patch will solve this problem.
>> .../Henrik
>> "Neon John" <> wrote in message
>> > Last week I reported that I had problems with the latest build of
>> > samuripanda's bookmarking mods on my FMR. Basically, the resume function
>> had
>> > become unreliable. The situation got worse so I went back to the previous
>> > build, the first release, which had worked perfectly.
>> >
>> > The problem persisted and got worse to the point that now resume only
>> works
>> > about 1 out of 5 times. The symptom is that the unit boots normally and
>> then
>> > flashes the resume screen for only a fraction of a second, followed by the
>> > main file listing screen. It looks like it has gotten a keystroke other
>> than
>> > "play". My FMR is one of those where the ON key has to be held until the
>> boot
>> > screen appears to make it boot. If I press the key only momentarily, it
>> runs
>> > the drive for a bit and then turns back off. This thought just occurred
>> as
>> > I'm writing this so I haven't had a chance to correlate but I wonder if
>> the ON
>> > keystroke is getting stored during a non-successful boot attempt and is
>> then
>> > being read by the resume screen?
>> >
>> > This is exactly the same code that worked perfectly when I loaded it
>> before,
>> > replacing the mainstream daily build from about a month ago.
>> Unfortunately I
>> > can't recall WHICH daily build so I can't go back that far.. It may be a
>> pre-
>> > vs post-plugin issue.
>> >
>> > My FMR has a weak battery contact that causes a complete loss of power if
>> it
>> > is jarred just right. This has resulted in my having to reload parameters
>> > from cfg numerous times. These power cycles and reloads have had no
>> effect on
>> > this problem, indicating to me that the problem is not in volatile memory.
>> >
>> > John
>------- End of Original Message -------

John De Armond
Cleveland, Occupied TN

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