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Subject: Rockbox hangs if USB is plugged before JBR20 is turned on
From: Tim Elliott (
Date: 2003-07-30

My recorder is flashed with the latest daily build (with auto-rolo
removed). The problem has been with previous daily builds.

When I want to hook my box up to the computer, I am used to simply
plugging in the cables. If I plug in the power first, it hangs at the
charging screen (with "Loading" displayed over the charging screen). If
I plug in the USB cable first, it hangs (with "Loading" over the Rockbox
logo). I have auto resume on.

In order for USB to work, I have to turn on my unit first. It starts
playing, then stops when I plug in USB. This should be unnecessary
since I don't want to play anything.

If I plug in the USB, then plug in the power while holding F1, it enters
Archos USB mode normally.


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