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Subject: Re: Major Technical Problem ->> same problem but without the swimmingpool
From: Chris Holt (
Date: 2003-08-02

On Sat, 2 Aug 2003 12:57:35 +0200, Romancerke wrote:
> Desperate looking for some help .....
> Ok so I bought the Archos FM Recorder, when it was delivered : worked
> fine
> Hooked it up to my PC with USB, copied about 10GB of mp3 during the
> night
> the next morning it was turned off I fully loaded the batteries (about
> 10 hours) turned the unit of

Sounds like the batteries couldn't keep up with the constant drive
operation and the unit shut down for lack of power. I wouldn't recommend
such large transfer sessions, especially unattended. Probably the source
of the crosslinked file you found.

> The next day turned it on again, and when started to navigate, each few
> keypresses it flashed the to USB screen
> then I came back to the root directory. So I thought maybe a corrupt
> file or directory, hooked it up to my PC again, did a check disk found
> 1 crosslinked file so I removed that, disconnected it from my PC again
> (always by properly stopping the device first)
> and....
> it still thinks it is connected to USB, and thinks it is charging the
> batteries
> when I poweroff and power on again, same
> it even does not load a different firmware
> so I removed the Rockbox firmware and reloaded the original firmware
> ... same story
> so I REALLY hope someone can help me out here
> R.

This sounds like a hardware issue. The unit is new and under warranty?
Since it sounds like the USB operation is still OK, I'd do a quick format
and send it back.
You've done just about everything you can do without taking the unit apart
and looking for problems.


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