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Subject: Re: Help with daily builds?
From: Jean Boullier (
Date: 2003-08-03

I just had a look at the full daily zip for the FMR and I do not see
anything obviously wrong in the path structure of its files, but I
cannot try it since I have a Recorder.

Just one question to make sure : by chance, haven't you followed the
wrong instruction given in the daily build page about the ajz files, namely
ajz - The file you should name "archos.ajz" before copying it to the
root of your archos

This file must be named ajbrec.ajz (as it is in the zip) and not
archos.ajz. The author of these notes was probably working too late when
he typed it there. 8-)

Sorry if this is not your problem, but an FMR owner will probably come
soon to help you then.

Cheers. Jean.

Jean Boullier - Rouen - Normandie - France

ehart42 wrote:

> First, let me apologize. I'm new here and there is a lot to absorb. > > > > Secondly - EXCELLENT WORK guys ! ! ! This just increased my jukebox > from being the 5th coolest thing I own to the 3rd. > > > > Now the question: > > > > I have loaded Rockbox 2.0 by unzipping to the root of the JB (FM > Recorder version) and all is working well. > > > > Since v2.0 doesn't support the FM tuner, I decided to try the latest > daily build. I unzipped it and replaced all of the previous files > with the new ones, but Rockbox won't load - the Archos firmware loads > from flash instead. I put v2.0 back on the JB and it worked fine. I > just can't seem to get the daily build (8/2/2003) to load. > > > > I have searched for the answer, and I apologize again if I've missed > it, but I just don't seem to find anything on this. > > > > Any ideas? > > > > Eric >

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