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Subject: Flashing recorder, playlist
From: Christoph Kriesch (
Date: 2003-08-03


I am new here and must say rockbox is great. Many thanks to all the hard

1. I have flashed my Archos recorder 20 GB and every think works good.
Then I flashed also the second image and it was also everything very
fine. At the moment the recorder starts with the version rockbox030728.
Today I try to flash the newest rockbox. I make a download from the
rockbock20030803.ucl and rename it to rockbox.ucl. After starting
rockbox_flash.rock I get the message "Incompatible version". I tried it
also with other rockbox.ucls but every time the same message. Also when
I want to play a game, I get the same message. What did I made wrong ??

2. Is it possible or is there a program to browse through a playlist ,
which I have made with MMJB. In February there was a message that
someone try to build a playlistbrowser. Is this ready ? Sometimes I need
this of course I change between two lists and I want to start on the
same point I have stopped before. At the moment I have to click some 100
times to reach my earlier stopping points and this not very funny.

Many thanks for your answer and help


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