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Subject: Re: charging diagnostics
From: Stephen Ball (
Date: 2003-08-04

There you go, hope that helps wrote:
> Hi,
> This is to find charging issues, with the people for whom flashing caused a
> general charging problem with _both_(!) F1-started original software and
> Rockbox. Maybe there is an undiscovered bit controlling the charging of the FM.
> I've temporarily added some diagnostic code to Rockbox. On start, it
> captures the whole I/O space of the processor into a buffer, before Rockbox changes
> any bit of it. This buffer can then later be saved via debug screen entry,
> produced a file "startup_io.bin" in the root dir. So we know the start scenario
> as far as accessible to the CPU (not I2C yet).
> I'd like to compare 2 situations:
> 1. Rockbox starting the old fashioned way: not flashed, original firmware
> 2. Rockbox starting from flash
> If anybody would like to help with this, I'll need those 2 dumps. Generating
> it is uncomfortable because you have to flash the original firmware back in,
> which only works with the rockbox version of my flash package (else
> incompatible plugin), etc.
> The next step which I haven't coded yet is the reverse: to load such a file
> into the I/O before rolo-ing a software. If we have a dump of the known-good
> case, it would be interesting if this fixes the charging when manually
> rolo-ing Rockbox.
> Thanks for field-testing,
> Jörg

Stephen Ball
Invision Power Services

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