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Subject: Re: Can't flash with homemade build ! rocks pb too
From: Magnus Holmgren (
Date: 2003-08-04

mourad jaber wrote:

> I've got the same pb every time I try to flash with home made
> rockbox.ucl I've got that error with red led flashing I09:CPUAdrEr at
> 091F846C when I try to flash after passing the step 1 ( after pressing
> F1 ).
> I think the pb come from something wrong in the compilation because
> lot's of rocks work but othelo.rock/jackpot.rock doesn't work with
> message : inserted 256 track()
> And I try to flash with my homemade ucl from today's cvs with the
> rockbox_flash.rock from today's build and it worked perfectly !
> I have done step by step the do it yourself instruction to made a
> crosscompiler...
> soft versions :
> gcc 3.2.2
> gdb 5.3
> binutils 2.13.2
> Do you think it can come from that ?

Yep, but it is easy to fix. You see, I'm pretty certain you have a
rockbox_flash.rock that is an odd number of bytes long. As it happens, I
encountered the same thing, not 30 minutes ago, when adapting the "flash
UI" for the player! :) In plugins/, add the following line:

         . = ALIGN(0x4);

at the end of every section (to be on the safe side; for this problem it
is probably sufficient to have it in the last section), something like this:

     .rodata : {
         . = ALIGN(0x4);
     } > PLUGIN_RAM

Magnus Holmgren

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