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Subject: Re: Should I Buy a Recorder or FM Recorder?
From: BlueChip (
Date: 2003-08-08

The JBR20 is the winner for me - I spent toooo long deciding which to buy,
my only regret is that I did not get a flashable chip in my unit, and lack
the skill to perform the relevant surgery on the myself.


:) USB2
:) Pixel based LCD
:) Many front panel buttons
:( Really cheap headphones in box
:( Lousy manual - not relevant if you use Rockbox

FM -- :) Built-in Radio :( Unreplaceable battery (without RTB really bad customer support) :( Headphone socket on the SIDE

Recorder -------- :) Digital I/O :) Headphone socket on the Top :) Comes with 1500mAH batteries - can be easily replaced with even more powerful batteries :) Remote Control available :( No Radio :( A little bigger :( A little heavier (although, not by much)

At 19:57 07/08/03 -0400, you wrote: > Hi. I'm a newbie trying to decide which model of player to buy. > It's pretty much between the Recorder and the FM recorder. I like the > look and controls of the FM Recorder better, but I'm a bit nervous about > the Li Battery. When my current player (an Intel Pocket Concert) runs out > of juice, I just swap the rechargeables for a fresh pair and keep on > rockin'. Can you do the same with a Recorder, or is the process too > cumbersome to be done routinely? > I've also heard that the FM's built-in battery offers longer run > time than the rechargeables in the Recorder. Anybody have any real-world > data on the subject? > Also, I've read in the list archives that Rockbox isn't being > developed by the core team for the FM Recorder. Does this mean that the > different models will have different capabilites when running Rockbox? > Thanks in advance for any info. Frankly, RockBox is the reason > I'm buying an Archos. The existence of such a dedicated and skilled > community of supporters makes me much more confident in taking the plunge > with a hard drive player. Keep up the good work, team. > -John Price >

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