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Subject: Re: External battery pack options for FMR
From: Todd Lowe (
Date: 2003-08-12

> No idea about the battery pack, but if it provides similar power input to
> the wall-wart, it should be ok. I doubt it would do any harm, so long as
> the volts and amps delivered are similar yo the power unit supplied by
> Archos.

The battery pack supplies 6V, which is the same as the voltage from the AC
adapter used for normal charging. I assume since it is intended for
digital cameras, it shouldn't have voltage fluxuations much above it's
listed voltage.

> I will say that 2-2.5 hours sounds very poor performance however. I
> certainly get a lot longer out of mine. How do you charge the unit? Do you
> remove the power as soon as the charge shows 100% in Rockbox? If so, leave
> it overnight, as Rockbox currently shows 100% long before the charger
> stops charging because the battery is full.

Yes, it is poor performance. I charge the unit all night -- I have looked
at the battery charge from the DEBUG screen, and it is the same as quoted
by others (~4.25V when plugged into AC adapter at full charge, ~3.87V
immediately after unplugged). I do suspect that the 180Kbps VBR files
cause it to eat up the battery faster than the "average" user, but I'm not
willing to downsample -- I have ~9000 high quality MP3s which I play on my
car stereo and on my home stereo, and I don't want them to sound like
128Kbps crap (which sounds like "underwater" music to me on decent

thanks for your reply --

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