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Subject: Re: "See Spot Run" easy installation instructions?
From: Johan Vromans (
Date: 2003-08-13

Sharon <> writes:

> I finally got a 20GB Archos Recorder (not the FM version) and I'd like
> to put Rockbox on it because of its great resume feature.
> Do you have instructions somewhere that are VERY non-techie...kind of
> like "See Spot run" easy-to-read-and-understand???? Or maybe there is
> a pdf that can be downloaded?



    Unpack the zip archive in the root (top) directory of your Archos
    disk. Make sure you 'eject' (unmount) the usb disk before you
    unplug it. Then reboot (power off - power on) the unit.

    Windows users: If you choose not to unzip the archive directly
    onto the Archos, you can create the .rockbox directory by entering
    "mkdir j:\.rockbox" on a command prompt. Windows Explorer refuses
    to create this directory, so you must use a command prompt.



    We have a brand new manual in PDF format. Please read it.

Happy Rockboxing!

-- Johan

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