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Subject: Extended Battery Life Patch Test Ready!
From: TP Diffenbach (
Date: 2003-08-13

At long last the Extended Battery Life Patch test is ready.

I apologize for the delay; some faulty PC memory chips necessitated that I
reinstall Windows, and all my software (and while I was being laid off /and/
dumped, weep for me!), and it's taken me a while to get back to square one.

That said, the extended battery life test plan and software is available at:

Please, read the test plan before downloading the siftware.

Anyone may participate in the test, but as I note in the test plan, I'd like to
ensure that a variety of bit rates are tested; so if you wish to participate in
the test, please email me at
and I'll assign you a bit rate.

Also, in order to make sense of the data collected, testing will need to be
performed on CONSTANT bit rate files, so it's likely you'll have to do a new rip
of a CD in order to participate in the test.

If you're not participating in the test, please don't download the software;
because it saves power monitoring information (none of which is personally
identifying!), it will actually drain the batteries faster than "normal" builds,
so non-testers really don't want to run it.

When the test data has been collected, I'll collate it and summarize it on the list.


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