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Subject: Re: How do you calculate the battery status?
From: Nanker Phelg (
Date: 2003-08-13

Thanks for the response, but this doesn't answer my previous question about the behavior I'm seeing when I charge my JBR15.

Based on what I read in the battery FAQ, when I'm listening to my JBR 15 at work, I leave it plugged in with the "deep discharge on" and "trickle charge off". Starting with a fully charged battery, the I see the numerical battery capacity display value dropping throughout the day, and when it hits around 10%, it changes to the charging icon. However, it seems to keep displaying the charging icon for the rest of the day and if I unplug the charger after a while, the numerical display will show some value such as 36%. If I then power off the JBR and turn it on again unplugged, it will show 100%. Is there some other setting in addition to deep discharge and trickle charge that may be causing this? I'm using the 2.0 build. I just want to make sure that I'm not 'overcharging' it and damaging the device in any way.

Thanks in advance

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Stoyan Stratev wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a JBR 15. I installed the RockBox(nightly build) and I am very happy
> with it. There is one problem however - the battery status is totally wrong.

I posted a message explaining this last week:


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