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Subject: Track Numbers Intermittent
From: Chuck Urwiler (
Date: 2003-08-13

Hiya gang,

Well, I finally just finished ripping nearly every CD in my 500+
collection to MP3. 'twas a long process... :)

However, I've noticed something when these files are playing on my FMR.
Basically, the track numbers don't always appear on the WPS. I ripped
everything with EZ CD DA Extractor, which uses the LAME encoder, but I
don't know if LAME creates the ID3 tags or if it's the "host" program (EZ

Regardless, the tags either aren't being created properly, or Rockbox
isn't reading them correctly. Oddly enough, it seems from some initial
"research" that only two-digit tracknums are showing up properly.

Can someone show me how to locate the information in my MP3 files? I'd
like to write a little program to see if the data is in the files or not,
and if so, then figure out why Rockbox won't read the info.


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