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Subject: Re: Queuing Playlists
From: scott (
Date: 2003-08-20

--- Will <> wrote:
> I'd like to map the features of the ON+PLAY -> playlist menu to one of the
> F2 or F3 functions and then use the PLAY button to execute which ever
> feature was selected using F2 or F3.

f2 or f3 all the time, or just when in the dir browser? i don't think that would be any easier.
F2, down, play isn't any shorter than on+play, left, left.

> How difficult would that be to do and which modules would I have to modify
> to make it happen?

probably more than it's worth, and i doubt it would ever get into CVS.

> Or, alternately, if that's too difficult, how about changing the default
> behavior of the PLAY button to que playlists to the dynamic playlist?

no. just no. it's a PLAY button, it's supposed to PLAY things, not queue them!


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