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Subject: Re: Jukebox not playing very long - battery life question

Re: Jukebox not playing very long - battery life question

From: Jean Donse <>
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 19:09:54 +0200

Re: Jukebox not playing very long - battery life questSharon,
If you have the standard batteries supplied by Archos (green batteries) they rate 1500mAh. One way to solve your problem would be to replace them by more powerful ones. You can get 2000mAh or 2200mAh fairly cheaply (or may be even more powerful ones as technology improves). You should then get at least 25% more listening time. Note that NiMh batteries take a little use to get to their full potential. You could also get a set of replacement batteries with you and swap them on the workplace when needed: it takes a few seconds to replace them.
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  From: Sharon
  Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2003 6:13 PM
  Subject: Re: Jukebox not playing very long - battery life question

  John, thanks for your response and information. I am the "see Spot run" very UN-techie person, so I want to be SURE I understand what you said.

  1. This is only a problem with Rockbox? If I was just using the Jukebox "as is" with its built-in Archos OS this wouldn't be happening? I don't really understand why an OS (I assume Rockbox is an operating system, is that right?) would make battery life any different???

  2. Were your 2 choices an EITHER/OR? I can do either #1 OR #2? If so, I will choose #1, because #2 sounds over my "see Spot run" head and I could mess up more than I fix. Especially when you added you were sure if it was right... (o:

  3. Was there an issue with difficulty changing batteries in the Jukebox? Seems to me I read something about it being challenging?

  4. My use for the Jukebox is to listen to audiobooks at work. I wanted Rockbox because of that great resume feature. If I used just the default Archos OS, does it have a resume feature? I thought I read something about a "bookmark"; does it have that and would it get me right back where I was in my book after the unit is turned back on?

  Of all these options, changing the batteries and staying with Rockbox is my preferred solution at the moment, but I would sure appreciate answers to the above if you would be so kind...

  Thanks a bunch!


    Hi Sharon

    There does seem to be an issue with charging and Rockbox - that is being investigated.

    In the mean time there are a couple of ways to ensure your batteries are fully charged.

    1) Remove the batteries and charge in an external charger - (this is the method I use - plus have a spare set - pref with a rating of 2200) - I get between 10 - 14 hours this way per set of batteries.

    2) Make sure you can boot your jukebox in Archos mode - not rockbox - there are many ways of doing this but I assume you do not have a flash version of rockbox. what you will need is a copy of the archos firmware (ajbrec.ajz ) file. Rename this to something like ajbrec1.ajz and place on your jukebox.
    Switch on Jukebox and select F2 (Middle button of three) select down until is says 'show all files'
    Now browse your directory (on button) until you get to the file you transferred - play this file by pressing the play button and you should boot to the archos type screen - now charge your battery until it says battery charged.

    (I hope I got the above right - if not someone will correct me)




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Received on 2003-08-21

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