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Subject: Re: NEWKEYS v2
From: Kjell Ericson (
Date: 2003-08-25

On Mon, 25 Aug 2003, Remo Hofer wrote:

> > I made the cancel function because I think pressing "stop" for accepting a
> > setting is confusing.
> Do you have aplayer or recorder?

I have a player.

> I remark that I've cancelled my new setting with stop. Usually the second
> attempt will work then :-)

Yep, but now perhaps you learned it :-)

> I have to admit, if you really want the cancel functionality on the player,
> the play button would even be worse for cancelling.

Yep, maybe a "do you really want to cancel"-screen is best? Then I will have
to press stop-play to make a cancel, while you can press stop-stop to return
to change the setting (and then an extra play to save it).

Extra press for everyone (bad) but harder to make wrong (good) and
cancel-possiblity still left (good).

  // Kjell

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