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Subject: Re: NEWKEYS v2


From: CombThins <>
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 21:27:47 +0100

> No, we should keep the cancel function, and make it consistent.

For what it's worth I vote for keeping the cancel function. To me, it is
entirely consistent with cancelling out of one menu level to go back, and
pressing play is entirely natural to "OK" the setting. Pressing STOP to
mean "OK" would be daft.

 Just had an idea. When on a multi-choice, lets make MENU do the OK thing,
rather than the CANCEL thing. On normal menu areas it already goes back a
level. That way, users like C.S. can consistently use the MENU key to
back-up accepting changes and the rest of us can use STOP to back-up
cancelling changes. Are there any areas where that wouldn't work?

The annoyances I come across regularly are:
  - Can't press PLAY to accept settings that change in real time (volume,
balance etc.) For settings like that which change as you are pressing the
buttons, and you mostly need to listen as you make the change, there is no
need for a cancel function. We should just make both PLAY, STOP, and MENU
do the same thing - and yes, I know that is bad UI design according to the
books :-)

  - For a few view only areas (info and debug) it would be good to have MENU
consistently move back one level (yes, same as STOP, except at top level)
just as for the main menu areas, as this is an easy way to return to the WPS
after checking battery level etc.

 - Channels settings is the odd-one-out in that it is a multi-choice but
also changes in real-time and you need to listen to the changes as you make
them. (Maybe others similar, but I can't remember any). It has both cancel
(STOP) and OK (PLAY) and that's fine, so let's leave it alone.

And on the player the file name editor thing is pretty whacky. It took me
days to work out how to use it, and I can still never get it right first
time, even after a good night's sleep and before a beer. It's a valiant
attempt, and I'm not exactly sure how to make it better without losing
functionality. I guess changing that is a pretty self-contained
mini-project separate from all the other menu stuff. A few years ago I made
a product with a similar thing but I think we had the luxury of seven
buttons, and maybe no cancel function. I'll try to remember how it worked.

Received on 2003-08-26

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