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Subject: problem with flashed JBR20
Date: 2003-08-27

I flashed my JBR20 a few weeks ago, thanks so much for the great feature. I
love the multi-resume feature, too, rockbox rocks!
Recently I noticed two problems: I can't record with the flashed version,
the JBR freezes after a few minutes, and I have to turn it off and start all
over again, and it freezes again when I keep trying to record sth.
Recording is no problem with F1+On though. Since I don't use the recording
function much I just discovered this problem now.
The second problem is the battery charging. The batteries only are fully
charged if I hold F1 while plugging the adapter in. Otherwise the JBR stops
charging after about half an hour, the display says 100% even if the
batteries could not be full after that short time.
I don't mind these problems that much since they can be solved through F1,
but maybe someone can show me how to fix them anyway? If these problems have
been discussed before I apologize, I have not been on the list for long.


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