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Subject: Re: Simulator Build in Eclipse
From: CombThins (
Date: 2003-08-30

OK Guys. It took me a while to work it all out, so it will take me a wee
while to write up everything I can remember about how I got it all going,
and to tidy up a couple of files. I'll get started on that and report back.

I've also now got the target builds being done from inside Eclipse, so I can
build all variants with one click.

But to get you started...
1. Get both target and simulator builds working at command line (in Cygwin
on Windows).

2. Make sure that you also have gdb setup and working from command-line.

3. You need to have a Java runtime environment installed, so if you haven't
already got a fairly recent Java JRE or SDK, get a 1.4.1_01 or later of the
JRE from, or get the SDK if you don't mind a bigger
download. It's J2SE (standard edition) you are looking for, not J2EE or

4. Get yourself Eclipse (latest released version 2.1.something) from plus the C/C++ plugin from

"Michael O'Quinn" <> wrote in message
> Heck Yeah!
> Michael
> On Sat, 30 Aug 2003, CombThins wrote:
> > I've got the simulators building and debugging in Eclipse. It's a much
> > better IDE than Visual Studio (IMHO), and runs on Windows, Linux,
> > Unix and even Mac - although I haven't tried anything other than
> > And it's free.
> >
> > If anyone else want to try similar, give me a shout.
> >
> > CombThins
> >
> >

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