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Subject: Re: play WAV?

Re: play WAV?

From: BlueChip <>
Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2003 18:09:46 +0100

>I was only replying to your overly positive reply on what we can do on the
>Archos if we'd get the docs for the MAS.

"overly positive" ARE a pesemist - LOL

Let me reword my thoughts:
I feel it is important that nobody should help solve the MAS problems. It
seems important to Daniel/Badger that all help here is shot-down and those
involved criticised until they give up. PLEASE people - STOP helping with
the MAS docs. If we get them, we will only create more work for ourselves
as we start to support more and MORE AUDIO FORMATS - this can ONLY lead to
more bugs to fix.


>You seem to think that the MAS docs will open the doors to paradise,

Do I? That is a very impressive re-wording of my email
....completely wrong, but impressive none-the-less :)

>and I think you mislead people here by telling everyone that once we have
>the docs
>we'll be able to support every imaginable sound/music format on earth.

I notice that you had to remove my list of formats before making that
If you had left my list in the email, people would be able to see for
themselves that you are misleading them again.

WAV simple does it get?
MOD ...What is so difficult? - I used to play MODs on my old 286!
MIDI ...just like MOD with preset sample bank
OGG ...see debate below

I look forward to seeing you <snip> that list again.

>That is simply not true. (Even without guessing.)

Love the way you avoided answering all the questions I asked - very smart
on your behalf - if you had answered my questions honestly, you would
surely make an dramatic impression on people with regards to the value of
your words.

> > I do LOVE your analogy of OGG being the BLUE WHALE of compression systems -
> > I don't like it either!
>I did not say so.

What a shame the truth evades you.
Would you like me to quote you, or should I say "Read The News Archive" was something "playing ogg is like putting a blue whale in a fish tank"

> OGG is cool.

so is half-hour old coffee
...but you cannot compare old coffee with a blue whale

>But similar to MP3, OGG of course requires a
>certain degree of CPU performance and since we don't have enough OGG support
>provided by hardware, an Archos unit won't be able to play it.

The reason "we don't have enough OGG support provided by hardware" is
because we do not have the MAS SDK and therefore cannot use 50% of the
hardware - LOL

> > But given that OGG developers are as 'never-say-die' as most linux freaks I
> > know, I'll let THEM solve THAT problem if they are interested enough.
>They won't. They struggle hard to improve OGG and make the format available on
>many platforms, yes. They can't do miracles though. Archos is not built to
>play OGG. Other players with more powerful CPUs etc, such as the ipod, could
>most likely be made to play OGG if given enough effort.

Good! - this time, I hope that your "give up" attitude is right!
For as long as OGG is not supported properly, I will not have to put up
with inferior sound quality in my audio :)

I do hope that you will keep this pointless argument going for some
weeks. Hopefully we can both be quite witty and clever in our rebuttals
and we can become like that annoying advert on TV know the one - you
really hate it, but it doesn't matter, they still get their product
recoginition in place.

If we can keep the MAS question in the public eye, maybe we will get the
help we need to be successful :)

Does anybody have a friend or maybe a friend-of-a-friend who works in
Ask them for help with the MAS 3507-D
Why not? The worst they can say is "sorry, can't help".
When ONE person says "yeah, my mate does that at work" - WE WIN!

Received on 2003-09-01

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