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Subject: Re: play WAV?

Re: play WAV?

From: BlueChip <>
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2003 07:59:37 +0100

I think that you, as the official representative for the "core developers",
are correct when you agree that OGG will not be implemented ...hell! even
*I* don't care - LOL

Once I get the docs I have zero plans to work out where the OGG developers

I furthermore think you are correct to give up, it would be foolish to
dedicate valuable time to a convresation on something that you see as

Anyway, to the subject at hand ...WAV playback

I whole heartedly, and without sarcasm, respect your value system and what
it means to your employer. However, I have, in the past, met innumerous
people is positions of quite severe power ...and they ALL had a price,
often not even money
...Some of them (one in particular, who will unquestionably remain
nameless) did it for the altruism of it. I'd love to know if "he" has
enough fingers and toes to count the gratitude that will be respectfully
returned to him upon the right opportunity - I for one have him down for my
help if I can ever use it to thank him.
...Some of them realise the marketting value of it. Often this form of
marketing takes place (in quotes) "behind the bosses back" - or more to the
point, the boss will accidentally go to the toilet at the wrong time and
unfortunately miss that part of the meeting - darn! ..but most pleasing to
see the sales figures go up :-)
...I personally just enjoy solving problems that everybody else is baffled by
...You may be able to think of other reasons? ...or not!

Whichever way the wind blows, once I am successful, I will simply wash the
urine from my clothes and move onto the next unsolvable problem <shrugs>
..that's just the way I am, some (almost perverted) need to increase my own
level of happiness.

In conclusion here, all I can say with clarity is Thank You. For keeping
this problem in the public eye. I appreciate your help :)



>This is turning into a good old pissing contest, isn't it?
>The MAS3507 chip is a DSP like any other with a lot of on-board ROM routines
>meant to decode MP3 streams and to encode a raw sound stream into VBR MP3.
>Nothing else. If you think you or anyone else can implement an OGG decoder
>in 4,096 20-bit word instructions, go ahead. But the core developers on this
>project won't spend a minute chasing this incredibly far-fetched dream, and
>instead put all their combined efforts into making Rockbox work bug free.
>Micronas aren't giving away any details on the MAS3507 core, so I doubt we
>will ever get into contact with anyone working there, having access to the
>right docs, willing to commit breach of propriety (sp?) against their
>So there.
>Enjoy your cold coffee.
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>From: BlueChip <>
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>Sent: Monday, September 01, 2003 7:09 PM
>Subject: Re: play WAV?
Received on 2003-09-02

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