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Subject: Re: play WAV?

Re: play WAV?

From: BlueChip <>
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2003 03:43:47 +0100

>Ah, you are joking. Now I get it. And while you're at it, you're trying to
>get a rise out of this, to insult Daniel and Linus, and let them take the
>blame for you doing so. Smart.

It is NOT my intention to "insult" anyone - I do not consider disagreeing
to be insulting. And I have already apologised for opening the door to the
possibility of this mistake being made.

It is also NOT my intention for there to be anything for "blame" to be
attached to. We are all equally to 'blame' for not solving this problem
sooner! It would be pointless for one person to take on more blame than
another ...and wiser still to avoid using the word "blame", no?

My intentions are to make it clear to the 'uninitiated' that these things
(WAV playback etc.) *ARE* possible - and to encourage greater teamwork to
resolve them. It is rare for a non-techie to have an ideal opportunity to
make such a great and positive difference to an otherwise technical project.

> > anal retentive
>You mean asshole?

hee hee - on a mailing list this large, I knew SOMEONE wouldn't be able to
resist that joke ;)

"Anal retentive" is a Freudian term used to stereo-type people. I believe
the actual definition is something like "one whose primary value system
developed during the potty* stage"

* In case "potty" does not translate - it is an English term for the little
plastic training toilet used by small children.

A quick search turned up this page which is more precise on the subject - a
typically anally-retentive response to a humerously anally-retentive
question :)

>(No, please, take no offense, as you don't want us to take any offense
>from your posts)

None taken, irrespective of my previous posts :)

>Man, do YOU have an attitude problem!

Only when compared to others who have a different value system to me.
But I suppose at that level, everybody has some form of problem with their
value system.

Pesemists and Realists (and also Optimists) often find it difficult to
relate to each other on issues which require team effort. But it is
precisely that diversity that is makes a team of individuals successful in
creating a good-sounding end result.

>I used to be like you, you know. Wouldn't/couldn't take no for an answer
>and hard-headed as hell. Back in the days when I was 4.

According to:
that makes you a "Phallic" ...apparently!?
...I never knew that before!
...they say you learn somethng new every day :)

Thanks for your help. The more we all work together, the quicker we will
find a solution :)

Received on 2003-09-03

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