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Subject: Re: play WAV?

Re: play WAV?

From: DarkAngel <>
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 06:57:58 +0200

euh, I know it's in the "nodo" but if one day you find how to play wav
files, will you bring OGG and WMA ?
lol, just kidding !
I've read different docs about the MAS and I'm sure that it's not possible !
I think that even Archos will not be able to do this (they should have all
docs and support from micronas)
I have a suggestion : rename this thread to "psycho problems with the NODO
        Stéphane BILLES

----- Original Message -----
From: "BlueChip" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2003 4:43 AM
Subject: Re: play WAV?

> >Ah, you are joking. Now I get it. And while you're at it, you're trying
> >get a rise out of this, to insult Daniel and Linus, and let them take the
> >blame for you doing so. Smart.
> It is NOT my intention to "insult" anyone - I do not consider disagreeing
> to be insulting. And I have already apologised for opening the door to
> possibility of this mistake being made.
> It is also NOT my intention for there to be anything for "blame" to be
> attached to. We are all equally to 'blame' for not solving this problem
> sooner! It would be pointless for one person to take on more blame than
> another ...and wiser still to avoid using the word "blame", no?
> My intentions are to make it clear to the 'uninitiated' that these things
> (WAV playback etc.) *ARE* possible - and to encourage greater teamwork to
> resolve them. It is rare for a non-techie to have an ideal opportunity to
> make such a great and positive difference to an otherwise technical
> > > anal retentive
> >
> >You mean asshole?
> hee hee - on a mailing list this large, I knew SOMEONE wouldn't be able to
> resist that joke ;)
> "Anal retentive" is a Freudian term used to stereo-type people. I believe
> the actual definition is something like "one whose primary value system
> developed during the potty* stage"
> * In case "potty" does not translate - it is an English term for the
> plastic training toilet used by small children.
> A quick search turned up this page which is more precise on the subject -
> typically anally-retentive response to a humerously anally-retentive
> question :)
> >(No, please, take no offense, as you don't want us to take any offense
> >from your posts)
> None taken, irrespective of my previous posts :)
> >Man, do YOU have an attitude problem!
> Only when compared to others who have a different value system to me.
> But I suppose at that level, everybody has some form of problem with their
> value system.
> Pesemists and Realists (and also Optimists) often find it difficult to
> relate to each other on issues which require team effort. But it is
> precisely that diversity that is makes a team of individuals successful in
> creating a good-sounding end result.
> >I used to be like you, you know. Wouldn't/couldn't take no for an answer
> >and hard-headed as hell. Back in the days when I was 4.
> According to:
> that makes you a "Phallic" ...apparently!?
> ...I never knew that before!
> ...they say you learn somethng new every day :)
> Thanks for your help. The more we all work together, the quicker we will
> find a solution :)
> BC
Received on 2003-09-03

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