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Subject: Upgrading hard drive
From: Tim Elliott (
Date: 2003-09-07

I am ready to upgrade the hard drive in my JBR20. I can fill up any hard
drive I get. I would like to get an 80 gig drive but may settle on a 60 if
the price per gig is cheaper.

What things do I need to consider when picking a hard drive? I've read that
an 8 Meg cache will be wasted in my Archos. What models would be best for
power savings? 5400rpm isn't necessary? I'm also not sure if I need a
quiet drive. Will a quiet drive reduce the drive noise when recording from
the internal microphone significantly?

I opened my Archos when the warranty ran out and found that the hard drive
is quite easy to remove. Is that metal plate on the drive needed? There is
a loose plastic sheet between the circuit board on the drive and the Archos
circuit board.

Also, since I have Rockbox flashed, is it possible for Rockbox to see a new
unformatted hard drive and allow USB access to it for formatting?


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