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Subject: Re: usb2 on the archos
From: scott (
Date: 2003-09-09

--- "Kevin R. Jones" <> wrote:
> Hello, I'm new to the list, and just bought an archos jukebox20 last Friday.

studio or recorder?

> Does it have usb2 or only usb1? I attached it to a friend's laptop that I
> thought would have usb2 but it still only got about 1mb/sec.

i think all the new ones (not sure about the players) have usb 2. maybe your friends laptop is
only usb 1.1?

> I've also been wondering about what success people have had with larger hard drives than
> 20gb in th archos?

i havn't heard any stories of people who've had problems with the mod, but that's not to say there
aren't any.


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