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Subject: Make more use of F2/F3 buttons
From: Tom Evans (
Date: 2003-09-20

Hello all,

I've been thinking about a possible redesign of the F2/F3 menus on the
recorder menus. Currently, each F button allows us to change 3 boolean
style settings, and I consider this to be very wasteful.

Instead, I would propose that these be turned into full on scrolling
menus, with an array of commonly used boolean switches, or possibly to
launch plugins/other functionality (for example, my personal build uses
hardeeps playlist browser patch, and for accessibility reasons I removed
the invert display option in the F3 screen, and replaced it with a call
to the playlist browser).

If people would be interested to see something like this, I have some
time this weekend, and would gladly produce a patch to do this. I'm
aware of the .rockbox browsing patch, but aware is all I am, no idea of
what it allows or does. I would put a bunch (~10-15) boolean options in
the F2 screen, and a 'Run Plugin' submenu on F3, with a few other
accessibility functions or perhaps commonly used non-boolean settings.



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