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Subject: Re: Plesase help
From: [IDC]Dragon (
Date: 2003-09-20

Hello Abiezel,

first I'd be interested what could possibly have gone wrong here. Can you
give some more information?
Have you used the latest package from my webspace?
It now has a CRC check against bad file transfer to the box. So the plugin
shouldn't flash a corrupted file.
Did the programming verify OK?
Does it also not start whith F1 held while pressing on? What does the start
look like?

In case you can't get the box to work and have nobody with soldering skills
accessible, where are you located?

BTW, you would be the third to kill his box by flashing. The first guy had a
file corruption when transferring the firmware (impossible now), the second
I don't know yet. And there was a guy who intentionally flashed his FM while
I had only Recorder support yet, but I don't count that.


PS: Certainly I won't take money for a favour. Don't want to run a business
on misflashed boxes.

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