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Subject: RE: Survey: who has a non-V1 boot ROM?

RE: Survey: who has a non-V1 boot ROM?

From: Fred Maxwell <>
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 10:02:14 -0400

Something that needs to be mentioned: The 2.0 release DOES NOT compute the
CRC for the boot ROM. It is necessary to load a later nightly build to get
the info.

I used the 08/29/03 build for my Jukebox Studio 10. The display shows "ROM
CRC:222" but does not scroll. I assume that it's 222Fh, but I can't see
beyond 10 characters.

  Fred Maxwell

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> Sent: Monday, September 22, 2003 5:41 AM
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> Subject: Survey: who has a non-V1 boot ROM?
> Hello Rockboxers,
> since a while the hardware info screen (Debug->HW Info)
> computes a CRC across the boot ROM, to identify it. This ROM
> is built into the CPU and is really permanent, not to be
> confused with Flash.
> The majority has what I called V1 for version 1. This
> bootcode is identical to Players, Recorders, FMs. I exploit
> its features for my Flash bootloader and the UART boot mod.
> So if you have flashed already, you for shure have V1 and can
> stop reading here.
> However, some boxes are different, have what I call a V2 boot
> ROM which expects a different Flash layout. This is the
> reason why I have no Flash support for those yet.
> So, even if you don't like flashing, can you please check if
> your ROM CRC value is different from 0x222F, the V1 value? In
> that case please post here, tell us which model you have. V2
> users will find 0x8C1E. I'd like to find out how many there
> are, if it's worth spending effort on it. If you discover a
> value different than these two, I'd say "oh no" but be highly
> interested and want a dump from you.
> My current status on V2:
> - I have looked into the bootrom, found it has the Archos
> flash monitor already in there, versus the V1 boxes have in
> flash. See my old post for details:

- There is no UART boot mode like the one I exploited for my mod, but
something better (requires no further mod than serial):

- I analyzed how this monitor works, know how to operate it. It indeed has
the capability to reflash within certain areas, but can also be used to
download and start arbitrary code over the serial link.

- I have modified my UART boot mode tool to work with the Archos monitor
instead, use it to transfer and start my "minimon". With V2, this again
allows to fully reprogram from scratch, even if completely messed up, it is
the safety net. I like to have that first, before any flashing experiments.

The follow up question would be: Is there somebody with a V2 bootrom who
has/can do the serial mod to verify this? We can start easy, first blink the
LED, more as you like.


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Received on 2003-09-22

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